Two girls doing homework at the table.

The Tables

An essential part of the home, no matter what size! A piece so necessary, we only make one. For eating, working, or resting your mug, The Table comes in different sizes & colors depending on your fancy. Made with real materials, easy to clean, goes with any kind of style, and of course, assembles (& disassembles!) faster than you can boil water for a cup of tea.

Walnut & Birch Side Tables
Which table is right for me?
  • A perfect fit for a smaller space! It's a desk, it's a dining table, it's a pull-out-for-big-dinners table. A piece that can truly take on many forms over a lifetime. Hard to say no to that!

  • Ideal for 4 people waiting for pancakes, the Round Table is great for a “breakfast room” or really anywhere you’d place a table for gathering ‘round.

  • We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again, The Side Table Goes with Anywhere! Next to your sofa, your bed frame, or that random spot you wanna fill. If you’re stuck on the size, the small doubles as an easy stool & the large is the perfect size to hold a lamp bedside with enough room to put your phone & a good read.

  • No living room is complete without one. It’s for setting down your coffee, but also for art books, wine glasses, a vase of tulips, scrabble, a color-gradient puzzle, you name it! The Coffee Table fits flawlessly with the Floyd Sofa. If you’ve got a chaise, go for the round. It’ll tuck right in. If you’ve got a three-seater, the oval gives you maximum room for a foot rest!