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The famous Julius Schulman photograph, taken in 1960, of the Stahl House floating above the Los Angeles Basin. Image via the Getty Research Trust.
A Dream of California Modernism
The Stahl House floats above Los Angeles.
Greta Magnusson Grossman in her studio at home in California.
A Forgotten Figurehead of Scandinavian Design
Greta Magnusson Grossman brought Swedish style to the US.
Yamasaki in his Michigan office.
Minoru Yamasaki in Detroit
The famous architect left a mark on the motor city.
Paul Revere Williams in his office
The Man Who Built Hollywood
Paul Revere Williams dominated Los Angeles architecture.
Bauhaus students on a balcony.
Back to the Future at the Bauhaus
Celebrating 100 years of modern design.
Inside Neutra’s Living Laboratory
We visited the VDL Research House.
The School That Changed Furniture
A Michigan art school taught our most iconic designers.