Building the future of furniture

Better for customers, better for the planet

Hi, we’re Floyd. We began in 2013 out of a reaction to disposable furniture. We design products that are thoughtful, high quality, & built to last. Floyd products are in the homes of over 30,000 customers, and today we’re one of the fastest growing furniture brands in the country.

Who we are

We’re a team in Detroit (and beyond) of passionate & determined folks. We appreciate thoughtful design, whether it’s a great sofa or a vegetable peeler. We care about the environment & the impact we can make.

As with our products, we’re building a company for the long term. That means sticking by our designs year over year, ensuring sustainability is brought to everything we do, and building a culture where our people can develop & thrive over time. If you’re up for the adventure, we’d love to hear from you!